Applause From the Other Side of the Stage


* Amazing!  Simply Amazing ! ! 
                                             -  Debbie, Common Ground Country Fair

*  The fun everyone had - we enjoyed everything !
                                             -  Robert Hebert

*  I loved the show, but was equally taken in watching the faces of the grandkids. They were
                                             -  Brenda & Bill Brooks
                                                              Frost Antiques & Gifts
*  On behalf of the entire Sunday School- THANK YOU!.....Thank you for helping us all get in touch  
     with the "magic of Jesus"
                                             -  Rev. Dr. Susan E. Crane
                                                              Henderson Memorial Baptist Church

*  The show was terrific!  We want you to come back to perform for the Residents.
                                             -  Lynette Hinkley
                                                               Activity Director, Sandy River Nursing Care Center

*  Thank you so much... The show was terrific - fun for all of us.
                                            -  Pam Mathews
                                                              Phillips Area Community Center
*  Michael's performance was wonderful, .surprising and imaginative.  We can't say enough about 
      his mind-bending tricks.
                                            -  Jeff Thomson
                                                             Assoc Professor, UMF 
*  You had us all spellbound that evening. The service you are providing to our communities is truly
      a gift of love.
                                            -  Tricia Wurpel
                                                             Stark's Progressive Club
 *  Wonderful program ! ! !.
                                            -  Representative Paul Gilbert 
 *  Great Act.  Keep 'em smiling. 
                                            -  Cathy
                                                              Fryeburg Fair 2011
  *  We had a delightful time at the annual meeting and pot luck supper.   It would never have been 
        what it was without your fantastic show.  Thank  you so much for being the performer that you
                                            -  Dorothy Carter
                                                              Literacy Volunteers

 *  It was a priceless addition to my gala birthday celebration that you graced us with your  
        performance and mystifying skills!
                                    -  Paula Widmere

*  Michael's performance was fantastic!
                                   -  Cassie Savage, Children's Librarian- Wilton Libary

*  Thank you so very much for your time with our auction to raise money for our residents!
                                   -  Cheryle Fortenbacher, Maplecrest Rehabilitation

*  Very nice show- everyone enjoyed it especially my wife!
                                   -   Larry, Farmington Farmer's Union

*  Young and old we all enjoyed your show.  Extraordinary-how do you do your effects?
                                   -   Elise Dill

*  The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed your Magic Show!
                                   -  Grace Eaton, School Counselor
                                       Livermore Elementary School

*  You showed us magic that we've never ever seen before.  Your a great performer!
                                  -  Carilyn, Families Matter Inc.

*  The students energy and awe at the show brought such a smile to my face.  I cannot thank  
        you enough!
                                  -  Jenn, School Counselor
                                     Jay Elementary School

*   The show was very entertaining and the children were mesmerized the whole time
                                          -   Adrienne Rollo
                                              Toolthiere Pond Association

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